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Unveiling the Legacy: The First Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander 19


We are thrilled to share a maritime milestone with you  – the revelation of the first fiberglass Chris Craft, the iconic Commander 19 Supersport (XK19). Embark on a journey back to the late 1960s when Chris Craft, a name synonymous with elegance and craftsmanship, introduced a 6-meter vessel that would become a cult classic.

A Corvette of the Sea:

The Commander 19 Supersport, also known as XK-19, swiftly captured the hearts of enthusiasts with its agility and a top speed of 37 knots. Designed by the trio of Jim Wynne, Dick Avery, and Walt Walters, this 230-horsepower-powered bolide boasts a 24° V-shaped hull, destined to leave an indelible mark on the boating world.

Fiberglass Revolution:

Notably, the Commander 19 was a pioneer, being Chris Craft's first sports boat entirely crafted from fiberglass. A stroke of genius unfolded as it transitioned from 101 units under the Commander 19 Supersport nomenclature to 276 units as the XK-19. This transformation, coupled with the introduction of Stern-Drive propulsion, elevated its performance even further.

Speed, Agility, and Style:

Conceptualized in 1968, commissioned from the offshore champion Jim Wynne, the Commander 19 aimed to be a low and wide runabout with a 24° deep-V hull. Inspired by offshore racing, this vessel seamlessly combined speed, pragmatism, and fun, earning its title as the Corvette of overseas water mirrors.

Classic American Design:

The Commander 19 stands out not only for its performance but also for its distinct design. While European contemporaries leaned towards soft elegance, Chris Craft embraced a more "squared off" approach, emphasizing the extensive use of fiberglass. The result is a sleek and sporty, yet angular hull, foreshadowing design trends of the subsequent decade.

Comfort Meets Capacity:

In terms of space, the Commander 19 offers a classic American small runabout layout. The closed, flush bow contrasts with a spacious stern featuring a large sundeck above the engine compartment, complete with a handrail and swim ladder. The cockpit, protected by a vast edge glass, accommodates two seats in the wheelhouse and a settee in the back, comfortably seating five.

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