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Ferretti Yachts

Why choose Ferretti Yachts?

• Seaworthiness Class "A"
Ferretti yachts, starting with FY550, are ocean going yachts (Class A). They are designed to withstand storms (Force 8 on the Beaufort scale) and resist waves of over 4 meters of height.
• Just like Home
These words describe the philosophy of Ferretti Yachts. A Ferretti yacht is your luxury residence on the water.

• Revolutionary stabilizer system
Ferretti Yachts were among the pioneers in installing Zero-speed stabilizers on their production yachts.

• Reinforced sound insulation
Ferretti yachts provide increased comfort and the absence of noise when engines and units are running.

• Advanced materials and technologies
The hulls are constructed of composite materials created using XFT (Cross Fiber Technology). They increase the hull durability by 16% while making it lighter by 12%.

• Easy handling
Ferretti yachts use advanced Smart Command yacht control systems; Easy Dock; Anti-Rolling Gyro (ARG); SteerCommand; JMS (significantly reduces the turning circle).