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Ferretti Yachts
Why choose Ferretti Yachts?

• Seaworthiness Class "A"
Ferretti yachts, starting with FY550, are ocean going yachts (Class A). They are designed to withstand storms (Force 8 on the Beaufort scale) and resist waves of over 4 meters of height.
• Just like Home
These words describe the philosophy of Ferretti Yachts. A Ferretti yacht is your luxury residence on the water.

• Revolutionary stabilizer system
Ferretti Yachts were among the pioneers in installing Zero-speed stabilizers on their production yachts.

• Reinforced sound insulation
Ferretti yachts provide increased comfort and the absence of noise when engines and units are running.

• Advanced materials and technologies
The hulls are constructed of composite materials created using XFT (Cross Fiber Technology). They increase the hull durability by 16% while making it lighter by 12%.

• Easy handling
Ferretti yachts use advanced Smart Command yacht control systems; Easy Dock; Anti-Rolling Gyro (ARG); SteerCommand; JMS (significantly reduces the turning circle).

In 2012 Frauscher opened the new shipyard in Ohlsdorf: twice as large as the older building in Moosham near Gmunden with a surface area of 3000 m2 it offers the possibility of building larger yachts and significantly raised the number of units built per year. In order to achieve this goal, it became necessary to significantly increase the number of qualified employees – Most come from the Salzkammergut region in Upper Austria, which is strongly shaped by handicrafts. But some also came to us from other countries and continents.


With the construction of the new shipyard it was logistically and economically important to merge boat building, sales, marketing and controlling into one location. As a result, the processes, the internal communication, the working environment and ultimately the quality of the boat building were significantly improved. This gives employees more time to devote themselves to their great passion: the development and construction of exceptional boats. Continuous improvement of work processes and structures, lean systems, lots of fun at work, and an unconditional will to perfection developed the company into the “engineers of emotion”.


Frauscher impresses its clients for more than 90 years with innovative ideas, precise craftsmanship and a passion for the beautiful hours by the water in international premium boat building. Design and technological advances a success factor. Internationally esteemed design offices, together with our own design and construction team create an independent, new design language that is recognized worldwide. Frauscher has been building electric boats in serial production since 1955, built the world’s first sports boat with a hybrid engine in 2008 and finally in 2009 the world’s first fully certified boat powered by hydrogen energy. With a share of around 40% of all Frauscher boats sold in the last 5 years, electromobility is not just a dream for the future, it is a reality

SEABOB is designed for those who want to experience new extreme emotions on the water.
This seatoy allows its owner to both dive to the depth and glide across the water surface.
The powerful electric motor and electronic control provide unsurpassed controllability and ease of maneuvering. The maximum diving depth is 40 meters, which makes it possible to enjoy underwater adventures to the fullest. And the maximum speed on the surface of up to 22 km/h will allow you to compete in agility with dolphins.

• true German quality and modern technologies
• powerful, environmentally friendly electric motor
• waterproof control devices
• carbon and precious metal materials
• built-in diagnostic system
• aesthetic design of the hull made of lightweight and durable composite material
• safety and ease of operation