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Introducing the Axis T220: Your Ultimate Wakeboat Adventure!

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Unleash the Waves:

Experience the thrill of the water like never before with the Axis T220, a mid-sized powerhouse designed for ultimate performance. Our Wake Plus hull and signature surf package ensure unrivaled wakes and waves for riders of all skill levels.

Endless Summer Fun:

No compromises here! The T220 is packed with Axis' signature style and user-friendly technology, providing you with all the essentials for a summer filled with excitement and joy.

Easy Towing, Effortless Maneuvering:

At 22 feet, the T220 strikes the perfect balance between size and convenience. Easy to store, tow, and maneuver, this wakeboat guarantees you a hassle-free on-the-water experience without sacrificing performance.

Spacious and Social:

Bring your crew! With ample space and storage for up to 15 people, the T220 ensures that your summer adventures are shared with friends and family. Create memories that will last a lifetime.

Surf Gate®️ Technology:

Master the waves with the cutting-edge Surf Gate®️ technology, setting the T220 apart as a leader in the wakeboat world. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, our boat ensures you can tackle any challenge on the water.

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